Veloces of London 
New Barnet EN4 9PA
0208 275 0980


  • Opening hours: 09:00-18:00 Monday-Friday 10:00-16:00 Saturdays
  • Warwick Yard,
    183 Victoria Road,
    New Barnet
    , Herefordshire EN4 9PA

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UK's largest Alfa Romeo Specialist with over twenty-five years Alfa experience

Services offered:

  • Air Conditioning icon
    Air Conditioning
  • Auto Electrical icon
    Auto Electrical
  • Automatic Transmission Flush Service icon
    Automatic Transmission Flush Service
  • BG Diesel Air Intake Service icon
    BG Diesel Air Intake Service
  • BG DPF Service icon
    BG DPF Service
  • Bodywork icon
  • Brake Fluid Exchange Service icon
    Brake Fluid Exchange Service
  • Coolant Flush Service icon
    Coolant Flush Service
  • Courtesy Cars or Drop Off Available icon
    Courtesy Cars or Drop Off Available
  • Engine Diagnostics icon
    Engine Diagnostics
  • Engine Rebuild icon
    Engine Rebuild
  • Fuel Injector Service icon
    Fuel Injector Service
  • MOT icon
  • MOT Preparation icon
    MOT Preparation
  • Performance Restoration Service icon
    Performance Restoration Service
  • Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service icon
    Power Steering Fluid Exchange Service
  • Wheel alignment icon
    Wheel alignment

BG products stockist for:

  • 109 Compression Performance Restoration 109 Compression Performance Restoration

    A revolutionary formula with proven "ring-clean" technology. It is a quick and effective blend of cleaners that will soften, emulsify and dissolve those hard to remove fuel gums that clog rings and will usually do it in 15 minutes or less.

    Compression will increase with removal of these deposits. BG 109 also lowers exhaust emissions, eliminates oil consumption associated with sludge and other deposit build up and improves overall power and economy. Safe for use in petrol, diesel and rotary engines.

  • BG244 Fuel system cleaner BG244 Fuel system cleaner

    Diesel specific complete fuel system cleaner. It cleans valves, injectors and the combustion chamber of soft and hard baked carbon. BG 244 is particularly effective on vehicles that have been driven on poor quality diesel.

  • BG44K Fuel system cleaner BG44K Fuel system cleaner

    Effective on Petrol and Diesel engines

    Regarded by many as the best fuel system cleaner of its kind.

    BG 44K cleans fuel injectors, valves, o2 sensors and the combustion chamber. It will also have a cleaning effect on the catalytic converter.

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