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TW Autocare LTD 
Cramlington NE23 8AD
01670 737080


  • Opening hours: 9am - 5pm Mon to Friday
  • Unit 11-13 Terraced Factories,
    Bassington Lane,
    , Northumberland NE23 8AD

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All vehicle servicing - 4 Ramps - 1 MOT Bay - Tyre machines - Tyre Balancing - Wheel Alignment

Services offered:

  • Air Conditioning icon
    Air Conditioning
  • Courtesy Cars or Drop Off Available icon
    Courtesy Cars or Drop Off Available
  • Engine Diagnostics icon
    Engine Diagnostics
  • Engine Rebuild icon
    Engine Rebuild
  • MOT icon
  • MOT Preparation icon
    MOT Preparation
  • Performance Restoration Service icon
    Performance Restoration Service
  • Recovery Service icon
    Recovery Service
  • Wheel alignment icon
    Wheel alignment

BG products stockist for:

  • BG DFC Plus Easy Treat BG DFC Plus Easy Treat

    BG DFC Plus Easy Treat: Contains all the benefits of BG DFC Plus concentrated in a convenient bottle. BG DFC Plus Easy Treat is a professional-use diesel conditioner that guards fuel system components against corrosion, corrects nozzle buildup, and keeps the fuel system clean. Especially effective for cold temperature operation.

  • BG EPR Engine Performance Restoration BG EPR Engine Performance Restoration

    BG EPR Engine Performance Restoration flush: A revolutionary formula with proven 'ring-clean' technology. BG EPR is a quick and effective blend of cleaners that will soften, emulsify and dissolve those hard to remove fuel gums that clog rings and will usually do it in 15 minutes. Compression will increase with removal of these deposits. Safe for use in petrol, diesel and rotary engines.

  • CF5 Fuel System Cleaner CF5 Fuel System Cleaner

    CF5 Fuel System Cleaner: CF5 is the maintenance-level fuel treatment equivalent of BG44K. It is also dual fuel as it will treat petrol or diesel cars. CF5 (CF stands for Carbon Fighter) is excellent for preventing deposit-related issues from occurring. CF5 has excellent fuel stabilisation and rust prevention qualities and helps to maintain and improve performance and MPG.

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