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Wouldn't YOU like to Save Money on Fuel?

BG's Fuel Saving Service is Guaranteed

You may have seen adverts from the big fuel companies talking about the additives added to their premium fuels that tackle deposits. BG recommend the more dedicated, dual approach – one product for the top half of the engine, the fuel system and one for the bottom half, the oil system.

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Deposits are a natural by-product of combustion and, without preventative maintenance, accumulate over time. 

The Guaranteed BG Fuel Saving Service comprises one product to treat the fuel system and a second to revitalise the vehicle’s oil system:

- BG 245® Fuel System Cleaner (or BG 44K® for Petrol) goes in the tank to clean the fuel system. It’s vitally effective at cleaning carbon-covered fuel injectors
- BG EPR® Engine Performance Restoration® flush softens and dissolves hard-to-remove deposits from piston rings, restoring peak compression, ensuring maximum power and efficiency.

If we supply a BG Fuel System Cleaner and BG EPR® Compression Restoration Flush and you do not notice any improvement in your vehicle’s performance or economy we’ll give you a full refund - Guaranteed!

(Money-back guarantee subject to vehicle been driven at least 500 miles and claim made within 3 months of purchase)

Search online for BG44K reviews from around the World – BG Products are used in 3 times more garages in the US than any competitor!


Review Test Results

One reviewer tested the BG Fuel Saving Service on his own Land Rover which he felt was running OK. Since using BG he reports it’s so much smoother – like taking the clock back to when it was new! The dyno results before and after visually prove the improvement. The curve demonstrates much more consistent torque (available power) throughout the rev range, with an impressive max gain of 7ft/lbs!


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