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Welcome to the Best Garage Guide, the most comprehensive guide to recommended garages across the country

Car owners are always looking for good garages and, in their search for those good garages, 'word of mouth' is the most important source.

If you are a car owner and are looking for recommended garages or even the best garage in your area, then this is the site for you. There is no need to take your car to any garage when you can take your car to a recommended garage, a garage recommended by the people who know - their customers!

Please note this is garage feedback and listing site. BestGarageGuide are not providing a recommendation of garages listed.


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What is engine carbon cleaning?

(Carbon) Deposits are a by-product of combustion. These deposits attach themselves to many parts of the engine, including those critically important to the performance and economy of the engine - Fuel Injectors, Piston Rings and various sensors.

Decarbonisation or engine carbon cleaning usually refers to the process of removing carbon deposits. BG Products develop and manufacture their own high quality chemistry and delivery systems to do this, safely and effectively. Read more >>


  • "MAY THE BG IN-FORCE BE WITH YOU! - Classic vehicle owner, Norman from Stornoway experienced the power of BG In-Force Penetrating Oil to lubricate and free rusted parts during the BG Rep's recent visit to the island: "During his visit I was dismantling a tractor brake rod. We previously had to resort to heating one of the rods red hot to release the thread, however following an application of In-Force the other brake rod thread freed off without any heat. The brake rods are from a 1950's Massey Ferguson 35 tractor I am currently restoring and I am glad to report that I have used In-Force to release some other threads on the tractor, some feat considering these threads are unlikely to have been touched in 60 years. Many thanks for the tin of In-Force, definitely most useful!"
    Norman, Stornoway